Monday, November 21, 2005

CIBSE Electrical Services Group/NW Regional Joint T- Radio Fire Alarms systems design and integrationechnical Meeting

What I learned from this presentation?
1) how to give a boring presentation excitingly
2) most of the product features doesn't interest me, but I learned that wireless rocks
3) providing FREE refreshments doesn't guarantee good turn-ups (but it works in Malaysia)
4) most new software developments prefers using Internet Browsers instead of a standalone programmes. Mainly due to convenience and compatibility, also because it's easy to work on.
5) Catalog printing cost in the view of big-reputable-companies is equivalent to zero. Waste of paper and labour work really.

Below is the invitation email I received:

Dear Members and Non-members,

We would like to invite you to the next joint CIBSE NW Regional/Electrical Services Group Technical Event that is due to take place on Thursday 17th November 2005.

The event is entitled "Radio fire alarm systems design and integration"

The venue for the event is as follows:

Location: Room C16, Pariser Building, The University of Manchester (
in UMIST campus - Sackville street)

17:20 Finger buffet, coffee and tea

18:00 A presentation on Radio Fire Detection will be provided by Mr Jeff Watkins Regional General Manager of EMS Radio Fire and Security Systems, which will include the latest innovations on Wire-free Technology for the Fire and Security Industry, Integrationof Radio Voice Evacuation, current standards and associated costs.

18:45 Q &A

19:00 Technical meeting close

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

T o n y S u n g

for and on behalf of CIBSE Electrical Services Group/NW Committee

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